Royal Range 6 Burner Range

Royal Range 6 Burner Range

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♦ Frame constructed of heavy gauge metal solidly welded.
♦ All stainless steel front, sides, valve cover
and kick plate.
♦ Heavy gauge stainless steel plate ledge.
♦ 11” deep stainless steel high shelf on standard
backguard with stainless steel splash panel.
♦ Cast iron top grates, 12” x 12”, for open burners.
♦ Two piece, heavy duty lift off cast iron burner heads,
rated at 30,000 BTU/hr.
♦ Spill protected standing pilot on each open burner for
instant safe ignition.
♦ Oven contact surfaces have porcelain finish
for easy maintenance.
♦ Oven door constructed for heavy use, easily removable
for cleaning.
♦ Oven safety valve provides 100% shut down
if pilot flame goes out.
♦ Piezo type, push button (matchless) ignition to
light the standing pilot on the oven.
♦ “U” shape Oven Burner provides 35,000 BTU/hr for
consistent heating. Oven design enhances airflow.
♦ 5/8” thick griddle plate, highly polished, with 3” wide
grease drawer for griddles.
♦ Full width removable crumb/drip trays under
open burners.
♦ Griddle section. Highly polished 5/8” thick plate, from 12” to 36’ wide.
Note: Each 12” of griddle replaces one pair of open burners.
♦ Thermostatic control for the griddle.
♦ Extra oven rack (One per oven is standard).
♦ 6” High Casters (2 locking, 2 swivel).
♦ 6” High stainless steel stub back in lieu of the high shelf assembly.
♦ Saute or wok style burner heads.
♦ 10” stainless steel wok ring (fits over top grate).
♦ Convection oven (add suffix -C)
Royal Restaurant ranges have been designed to give the most useful features at an affordable cost. All stainless steel
sides, and front panels, including the oven doors and kick plate are easily cleaned and rugged enough to withstand the
constant heavy usage of a busy kitchen. Oven interiors are porcelain coated on all contact surfaces for fast and easy
cleanup. The ovens are thermostatically controlled with 100% safety on the pilots to shut off the oven gas flow if the flame
should go out. There is a push button ignitor for easy lighting of the oven pilot. 12” x 12” heavy cast iron grates cover the
unique two piece lift off burners, rated at 30,000 BTU/hr. each.